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Pinions, gear blanks, rams, hexagons, mandrels, custom shapes and applications

Melting, forging, heat-treating and machining capability at Finkl Steel Co. allows for a wide range of custom-forged products. Multi-diameter shafts, gear blanks, mandrel-forged rings, roll-shells and specialized shapes, including bored products, are available in a wide range of sizes and weights ranging from a few pounds to over 100,000 pounds. Most popular carbon and alloy AISI/SAE grades such as 1026, 1045, 4140, 4150F (Resulfurized), 4340, and 8620 are readily available. Custom and specialized alloys can be considered for melting. Finkl is capable of producing to various industry specifications such as ASTM, API, ASME, ABS, AMS and Military, as well as product-specific specifications. Full laboratory capability and metallurgical assistance is available.

Material Grades

HVX® HVX is a patented, high quality martensitic stainless steel developed specially for the demanding hydraulic fracking industry. HVX is tougher than 410 stainless at an equivalent hardness, but is also capable of being processed to higher strength levels through greater cross sections than are possible with 410 stainless without costly alloying additions.
1026/1045 Medium carbon (0.26% C and 0.45%) and no alloy additions make these grades relatively low strength, but still suitable for many low stress applications. Ease of machining, cold-forming, and welding make these grades popular for non-critical parts or fabrications. Generally supplied as normalized, or normalized and tempered to lower hardness conditions, approximately 179-248 Brinell Hardness.
4130/4140/4150 Chromium and molybdenum additions together with carbon provide improved heat-treating response to produce higher strength steel suitable for many general engineering applications. Machinery parts and light duty gears are typical applications. May be supplied in a wide range of heat-treating options and hardness.
4320/4330/4340/4350 Nickel content (1.80%) adds significantly to the chromium and molybdenum alloys to provide a steel grade that is widely used for high strength, critical engineering applications. Appropriate heat treatment can provide excellent fracture toughness, particularly in applications exposed to sub-zero temperature environments. May be supplied in a wide range of heat-treating options and hardness
8620/8630 Low carbon (0.20% and 0.30%), mildly alloyed with nickel, chromium and molybdenum to provide a low strength and high toughness steel. Widely used for light-duty parts or as a tough core material for various surface treatments such as weld-facing or carburizing. May be supplied normalized, normalized and tempered or quenched and tempered to lower hardness conditions.
9310 A nickel and molybdenum grade capable of case-hardening and typically used in gear shafts
17/18CrNiMo7-6 A chromium, nickel and molybdenum grade also use primarily for gearing application and capable of case hardening.
CX® A high toughness, high ductility forging die steel recommended for forging applications where resistance to fracture is a prime requirement. CX excels in many challenging forging applications, such as warm and near-net shape forging, where other die steels fail due to fracture. CX is also commonly used for replacement rams and sow blocks where the forge shop wishes to upgrade OEM equipment.
FX-XTRA® A remarkably tough, long lasting, Ni-Cr-Mo steel with excellent high temperature physical properties. Special machining quality reduces machining costs and machine loads, making it possible to sink FX-XTRA dies as hard as 477 BHN. FX-XTRA has earned an unparalleled reputation in the industry as a versatile workhorse alloy with applications from die blocks to machine components.
MAXIDRIL A medium carbon steel for manifold blocks with cleanliness to meet AMS 2301.
MAXIBLOC High performance medium carbon fluid end pump steel with excellent wear resistance and toughness.
MPX® MPX® is a Cr-Ni-Mo alloy steel that was specifically engineered to increase through-hardenability and eliminates a multitude of challenges that come with post-machining part heat treatment. MPX® simplifies the production process and lowers manufacturing costs without compromising quality and performance.
ASTM A182 Grade F22 Chromium and molybdenum steel based on ASTM standard for forged pipe flanges, fittings, valves and parts in high temperature service
Special Chemistries considered upon request

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