Die Casting

NADCA grades for long lasting solutions

Material Grades

DC®-Premium H13 1.2344 Low Pressure Die Casting Quality with Xtra Fine Structure
DC®-Superior H13 (Remelt) 1.2344 H13 Premium with ultra clean and ultra refined microstructures for superior thermal fatigue resistance. Quality level used for the die casting industry. Extreme resistance to abrasive wear from high-volume manufacturing
SHELLEX® 1.2367 mod SHELLEX is similar to SHELLDIE but with nearly twice the molybdenum content for superior wear resistance under conditions of high die operating temperatures. SHELLEX was designed for applications that need greater resistance to wear, tempering, and heat-checking.
H11Q H11 (Remelt) 1.2343 H11 Premium has superior impact and gross cracking resistance. Manufactured to meet NADCA Grade D, this remelted grade has minimum impact requirements of 14 ft lbs average
SHELLDIE® H11 Mod (Remelt) 1.2343 mod SHELLDIE is a high chromium, molybdenum, vanadium grade offering excellent wear resistance at higher operating temperatures. This material exhibits remarkable resistance to abrasion and will maintain its hardness throughout the forging process.

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