Social Commitment

Finkl Steel-Sorel is proud to get involved in our community. With an elaborate donation plan and commitment to various voluntary organizations, we have a firm belief that our growth is directly linked to the development of neighboring communities, maintaining close ties with local residents and representatives.

Community Matters

Our community relations policy is based on strict ethics that are founded on the principles of listening to and respecting the local population. Standing behind initiatives that strengthen the neighboring areas, Finkl Steel-Sorel supports projects that focus on improving the residents’ quality of life. We are also committed to long-term partnerships in matters of health, education, culture and community activities


Each year, Sorel Forge gives thousands of dollars to many important causes. From the United Way to the Red Cross, we are helping the people who support.

Since 1996, “Project-Don” has been a giving platform that is now entering its second phase. For many years, Sorel Forge has supported community and health organizations that aim to improve healthcare and aid the disadvantaged.

2015 – $16,606 2005 – $12,844 United Way
2014 – $17,815 2004 – $12,223 Red Cross
2013 – $16,462 2003 – $12,355 Hotel-Dieu Fondation
2012 – $17,928 2002 – $11,913 Volunteer Action
2011 – $15,676 2001 – $12,009 Foundation of Stars
2010 – $14,806 2000 – $11,859 Sorel-Tracy College Fondation
2009 – $14,784 1999 – $11,344 Heart and Stroke Foundation
2008 – $17,053 1998 – $11,858 Maison La Margelle
2007 – $16,179 1997 – $11,975 Maison La Source
2006 – $15,170 1996 – $14,683 A.D.I.R.S. Association
Multiple Sclerosis Society

Operation Red Nose

Operation Red Nose is a unique worldwide program against impaired driving, and Finkl Steel-Sorel is proud to be part of it! Each year, dozens of our employees volunteer for the program in addition to the financial participation of the company.

Tree of Joy

For over a decade, Christmas gifts have been distributed to area children in need for an amount totaling $65,218 (CAD) * Reference year 2014