Finkl Steel-Sorel

Finkl Steel-Sorel was founded in 1939 by Joseph Simard in direct response to the global conflict that would become World War II. Sorel Industries Ltd, as it was known, was largely involved in the production of artillery equipment and had obtained contracts for manufacturing shells and naval guns. At the height of production in 1943, Sorel had over 3,000 employees.

Mid 20th Century

In 1957, Crucible Steel Company of America bought Sorel Industries in order to develop their tool steel efforts. With Crucible’s strong presence in tool steel products, Sorel focused production efforts on manufacturing mold steels in the early 60’s.

Joining the Finkl Family

In 2004, A. Finkl and Sons purchased Sorel Forge from Slater Steel, but Sorel continued daily operations autonomously. In 2015, Sorel Forge, A. Finkl and Sons, and Composite Forge rebranded as Finkl Steel, opening the way for improved manufacturing efficiencies, increased product availability and an enhanced global presence.